Invitation: Wear blue to show the Metro Council how much you support our schools

More pay for all teachers. A new school to ease overcrowding. Preventing dropouts before students even reach high school. Maintaining everyday services to 81,000 students and 10,000 employees.

An enormous amount of thought and effort went into preparing every single line this year’s Operating Budget proposal. It is a carefully crafted plan for continuing the successes already seen in the last three years:

  • more graduates
  • fewer dropouts
  • higher standards
  • greater achievement
  • classes more rigorous than ever before

To vote against fully funding our schools is to slow the forward momentum created under the reforms of MNPS Achieves.

So how can we ensure receiving our full budget request of $720 million?

You are the answer.

We’ve already asked you to contact Council Members to urge support of the Mayor’s budget and property tax proposals. Now we’re asking you to come show your support in person.

Tuesday, June 5, the Council will discuss these proposals and vote on them, the second of three required votes. We want Metro Schools supporters there in force to show Council Members how much we care about our students, our schools, and the future of public education in Nashville.

We’ll all be wearing blue to show our support. All are welcome to join.

WHEN: Tuesday, June 5, 6:30pm
(Come early to be sure you can find parking and arrive before the meeting starts.)

WHERE: Council Chamber, Metro Courthouse

WHO: Everyone who cares about public education. Please wear blue as a visual symbol of your support.


4 thoughts on “Invitation: Wear blue to show the Metro Council how much you support our schools

  1. I certainly don’t like the implication that because I am against the property tax hike that I don’t support our schools.

  2. Steve, we’re simply saying that our funding request is designed to further the progress we’ve made. Without it, not only would we not be able to enact these new programs, but existing services would be made more difficult. That would most definitely slow our progress.

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