In preventing fiscal cliff, don’t fall off “educational cliff” – Council of Great City Schools

The Council of Great City Schools (CGCS) is urging lawmakers in Washington, D.C. to strengthen – not cut – federal education programs in reaching a deal to prevent the fiscal cliff.

In a statement released today, CGCS calls on lawmakers to avoid cuts to education programs for disadvantaged students, English learners, students with disabilities, and teacher professional development.

“The economic implications of the educational cliff are as serious as those presented by
the fiscal cliff itself, and the nation’s leaders should keep these twin issues in mind with the same sense of urgency,”

Without a balanced resolution to the “fiscal cliff,” federal domestic discretionary
programs in education and other areas (which constitute only 16 percent of the budget) will be squeezed out, and important investments in the nation’s future like better schooling will be permanently undermined.

The group has outlined what it believes that “squeezing out” will look like in a report titled Impact of Sequestration on the Nation’s Urban Public Schools.

Read the full statement & report:

Council of Great City Schools Statement on Sequestration

Impact of Sequestration on the Nation’s Urban Public Schools


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