Letters of intent to apply to operate charter schools beginning fall of 2017

Eight (8) letters of intent to file applications for charter school authorization were submitted by Monday afternoon’s deadline. Three (3) of the letters propose expansions of networks currently operating schools in Nashville, and five (5) are proposals from new operators.

Five (5) of the eight (8) letters point toward new elementary school proposals. Two (2) of those submissions are from Rocketship, which already operates two schools in Nashville. One (1) letter proposes a middle and high school with a Montessori theme. Existing operator Martha O’Bryan Center signaled their intention to propose a K-4 conversion school for their network and existing operator New Vision proposes to open another middle school with grades 5-8. I Can Schools out of Ohio propose a new start K-8 school.

Once the applications are received on April 1st, each will undergo a rigorous and thorough review of organizational and financial capacity, educational plans, accessibility and need. Only schools that will offer high quality educational options for students and serve the best interest of the community in which they wish to locate will be recommended for approval.

Submission of letters of intent to apply to open charter schools gives the Office of Charter Schools time to organize and train its application review teams according to the Principles and Standards of high-quality authorizing articulated by the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA).

The time between now and April 1st also provides opportunity for potential applicants to consider, develop, and adapt plans in order to strengthen their potential applications to serve the needs of MNPS students.

School Grade Range Proposed Opening
Jump Start Charter School K-4 2017
International Academy of Excellence K-4 2017
Rocketship Conversion K-4 2017
Rocketship 4 New Start K-4 2017
Tennessee Charter School K-8 2017
Southside Community School – Conversion K-4 2017
Axiom Montessori Charter School 5-12 2017
New Vision 5-8 2017