Metro Schools receives four charter school applications in 2016

On Friday, April 1, Metro Schools received four (4) complete applications to operate charter schools.  All four applications seek to open elementary schools. 

Each application will go through a thorough review process with carefully trained reviewers who will examine each application according to a detailed scoring rubric before offering recommendations to the Board of Education.  Formal reports will be given to the Board by May 31.  The Board then votes to approve or deny each application on June 14, 2016. 


Grade Range

Proposed Opening

Number of Students Year 1

Number of Students at Capacity

Rocketship Fresh Start





Rocketship Conversion





Napier Community School

Pre-K – 4




Jump Start Charter School





This is the first formal step in the process of evaluating and approving charter schools.  Applications that do not meet exacting quality standards or which do not advance the best interests of the students and the district will be recommended for denial.  Only those applications that meet the quality standards will be recommended for approval.  The review and authorization processes are strong and have good track records over the years of authorizing only high performing schools that benefit students and families across Nashville.

The number one priority is always program quality.  Each proposal is first examined for its capacity to provide an exemplary academic program.   The review then includes an evaluation of the operational capacity and long-term financial viability that can support and sustain academic excellence.  Strength in one or two areas of the application does not negate weakness in others; therefore, an application must score “meets or exceeds” standard in all major areas in order for the evaluation teams to recommend approval to the Board of Education.  Along with the capacity review of the written application, the evaluation team will interview each applicant group before drawing together their final reports and recommendations. 

Our focus is always on providing high quality educational opportunities to Nashville families and students, and our process is designed to ensure only the most exemplary schools are recommended for approval.


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