We are advocates for our students.

Since coming to this district as Director, Dr. Jesse Register has led under the philosophy of everyone working to support students and classrooms first. Everything we do can be tied to working for classroom success. It’s true of all employees, from teachers and principals to school bus dispatchers and construction project managers.

We’d like to share that philosophy with the rest of Nashville. Any talk of education or education issues must have students at its center. That is why we have created this blog.

We already have a blog called Children First! that is updated almost daily and filled with great information about our students and schools: accomplishments, awards, events, photographs – all the good news you expect to come from students and schools working hard to achieve.

With On Public Education you can expect important stories and points of view on the topics that will improve Metro Schools. That means policies, laws, reform efforts, and really anything else that deserves attention.

These are the issues we talk about every day. They affect our students and we support them above all else. That’s why we want to spread these conversations further out into the community.

Join us in putting students at the center of the education discussion. Browse around and read a few of the articles we’ve prepared. Give us your feedback and share them with family and friends. With the city’s support behind us, we can give our students everything they need to succeed in higher education, work, and life.


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